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The Change Account is a transactional account with a dedicated sort-code and account number and a Prepaid Debit Card Mastercard® The Change Account offers many payment features and benefits as well as innovative budgeting tools to make it easier for you to manage your money. Replacing the now defunct ACBUL Pre-paid Debit Card, the Change Account Card is a new product for our members who would like the security and peace of mind a prepaid card offers. All new members wishing to have their benefits paid into Ayrshire Credit Union will be issued with a Change Account which requires an email address and internet access.


  • Prepaid Debit Mastercard
  • Change Account Wallets for Effective Budgeting
  • Faster Payments, Direct Debits and Standing Orders
  • Online and Mobile Banking


The Change Account Card, if registered through us by a member, can be discounted from it's standard prices for both the monthly charges and transactional charges.

When discounted the Change Account Card is free to register, to load the card with money and for any returned direct debits.

Monthly charges for operating the card is discounted to £2.00 (£4.25 undiscounted) and £0.50 for each individual direct debit, standing order or faster payment transaction.

Withdrawals from ATMs are charged at £0.70 per withdrawal with a maximum withdrawal of £500.


What is the Change Account?

The Change Account is a means of controlling and handling your money without using cash or needing a bank account. It exists to help people who either do not have or do not want a bank account and provides many of the same perks and benefits of a bank account.

The Change Account has a dedicated Sort Code and Account Number and, a Prepaid Debit MasterCard®. It offers many payment features, such as Faster Payments and Direct Debits as well as innovative budgeting tools to make it easier for you to manage your money.

How Does it Work?

The Change Account has two main features:
1. Your Change Account includes a Card account which you can access with your Card when withdrawing cash and making Card purchases, and which you can manage online or through your mobile app.
2. Your Change Account also has Change Account Wallets which are secure budgeting tools. Try to think of them as two mini accounts  alongside Your Card account that you can only manage online or through your mobile app.

What is a Wallet?

A Change Account Wallet is a secure budgeting tool which helps you manage your money and takes the stress out of bill payments. You are able to set up two Change Account Wallets initially. Try to think of them as two mini accounts alongside Your Card account which you can only access online or through your mobile app.

How is the Change Account similar to a Bank Account?

The Change Account has many of the benefits of a bank account, such as:

  1. Direct Debits, Faster Payments and BACS Credits
  2. A Prepaid Debit Chip and PIN Card which can be used in store, online and at ATMs worldwide.
  3. Its own dedicated Sort Code and Account Number
  4. You can access and manage Your Change Account online and via your mobile app
  5. Secure Login and Registration

Can I apply for a Change Account?

There are no credit checks required to apply for The Change Account but you will need to be 18 years old or over and a resident in the UK. The Change Account is an alternative form of account for people who:

  1. Are missing out on the benefits of banking.
  2. Want to enjoy a flexible transactional account they are in control of.
  3. Have lost trust in their existing bank accounts.
  4. Do not want any unexpected charges.
  5. Want secure and simple budgeting tools.
  6. Want financial advice and support.

How much does it cost to use the Change Account?

To use The Change Account there is a £1 charge per week (charged monthly at £4.25). Some of the other features and benefits of The Change Account may have costs and rewards.

This is substantially cheaper if applied for through Ayrshire Credit Union at only £2 a month.

How Secure is a Change Account?

The Change Account is an e-money product and is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. However, once your money has been received it is deposited in a secure account with a prime-rated bank based in London.

How Can I Contact the Change Account?

If you need help, then please explore the website at where you will find an extensive range of advice and support.

Which Retailers are part of the Change Account Rewards Programme?

The Change Account intend to give you a wide ranging and unique Rewards Programme so that you can enjoy shopping at your favourite retailers and receive Cash Back.To see the percentage of Cash Back that Change Account customers receive visit Rewards Programme.

To view the participating retailer brands in the Rewards Programme log in to Your Change Account, go to Overview and select ‘Participating Cash Back Retailers’.



Change Account Rewards


By using your card at certain shops you can even get money back onto your card! 

Such as: ASDA, H.Samuel, Argos, Debenhams, Pizza Express, SpaFinder, Yo!Sushi, StoryCarpets, CarpetRight, NewLook and Halfords.

For example a weekly shop of £80 in ASDA can earn cashback of £9.60 per month!*

Please following the following link to the Change Accounts Rewards website for more information.   


*As at 2017. Example provided by the Change Account.