Ayrshire Credit Union has been a wonderful volunteering experience for me. Staff and other volunteers have been very, warm, friendly and welcoming. Volunteering here has given me confidence and experience that will help me immensely going into the future in a financial and office environment.

Martin, Kilmarnock
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I needed a loan at short notice to have a new boiler fitted. Ayrshire Credit Union really helped me out. Boiler is now all installed and working well. Warm house and hot showers all round. Kids and I are delighted. A big thank you to Ayrshire Credit Union.

Rae, Dalry
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I wanted a guitar. It was easy to come into Ayrshire Credit Union to put all my Christmas and Birthday money into my Junior Shares. When I had enough it was, no problem going to take it back out. Thank you, Ayrshire Credit Union, for making saving easy.

William, 12, Kilmarnock
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I arrived in Kilmarnock almost 10 years ago, I had never heard of the credit union. Due to personal circumstances I had paid a visit to citizens advise and they suggested joining credit union. I can honestly say it was one of the best decision I made, through the credit union I have been able to do things I thought at the time not possible i.e taking a holiday and other things, this was achieved through using their loan system which offers a flat rate of interest unlike the varied rates banks offer and the outrageous rates offered by payday loans, the credit union offer a very good system that I feel would suit most people.

Elizabeth, Kilmarnock
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