Car Loan

Secured Loan

Our regular loan account – any shares in your Savings Account (Share 1) will be attached in respect of this loan

Rather than removing your savings, you may wish to apply for a Secure Loan against your savings. This will allow you to retain both your savings and the associated Life Savings Insurance benefit. These loans are fully covered by savings held in Savings Account (Share 1) and interest is charged at 1% per month (12.7% APR) calculated daily on the reducing balance. No credit check is required.

  • I am over 18
  • I am a member of Ayrshire Credit Union
  • I am looking to borrow between £100 and the maximum held in my Share1 and secure my loan against my savings

Loan Protection Insurance is a product designed to pay off any outstanding loan balance in the event of a member’s death at no direct cost to Members.

This cover means that the “debt dies with the debtor” and any savings which the member has will not require to be set against the outstanding loan balance.

Cover is provided for all eligible members’ loan balances up to £10,000 from age 18 to the member’s 80th birthday.

Conditions apply (for full information please speak to one of our volunteers).

Our Loan Protection Insurance is a unique value added benefit which gives you a level of additional cover you simply would not get with traditional banking institutions.

Loans are based on a member's ability to repay. It makes no sense to lend money to people who are unable to pay their loan back. However if members do experience difficulties in repayment Ayrshire Credit Union will endeavour to agree a schedule that will be within the member's means, at the same time ensuring the loan is repaid.